Absurd Deposition Situations

By lfsuser on September 22, 2014
Nearly every attorney has experienced a surreal moment in a deposition where he/she thinks “did the witness really just say that?” We try to relay the experience to other people, later,... Continue Reading

Relying on Unreliable Facts

By lfsuser on September 22, 2014
During law school and your first few years of practice, a few things are drilled in about motion practice. Near the top? Check your facts and check your cites. You may not always have the... Continue Reading

Recent Ninth Circuit Police Opinions

By lfsuser on September 04, 2014
Over the past few months, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has released a pair of decisions in police liability. In Chaudhry v. Los Angeles the appellate court found that — in... Continue Reading

Importance of Video in Police Cases

By lfsuser on August 18, 2014
For any police department considering getting cameras for its officers, the article below is highly recommended. In the Rialto (California) Police Department, citizen complaints dropped 88%... Continue Reading